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Many voices, one common message

Chatting with like-minded people it's not hard to get agreement on things, taking the leap and reaching out to a much broader audience around the world you just never know what sort of response you will get.

With input from women across 13 countries from Fiji to Ireland, Sweden to the Czech Republic, the initial response has been clear. Despite differences in language, in culture and in day to day living, the common thread has been the desire to connect with other women in traditional stone trades.

If you haven't yet done our survey and provided your thoughts, we would really like your input.

We are keen to include news from around the globe in future blogs - so if you have stories to share about what is happening in your region, please send them through so we can include them in our next update.

Over the next couple of months, our main activities will focus around survey analysis, connecting with like-minded organisations and continued planning for our initial projects.

Planning is well underway for our first international project "The Wollstonecraft* Edifices" - a series of Stone Edifices that will be built around the globe - celebrating the strengths and capabilities of women in a culturally specific way in each location.

Looking forward to connecting with more of you in 2021!

Emma Knowles CoConvenor

Louise Price CoConvenor

* Named in honour of Mary Wollstonecraft

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