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Updated: Oct 17, 2020

With a passion for traditional stone trades and a commitment to creating a strong presence and future for the trades across the globe by getting more women involved, the Womens International Stone Alliance (WISA) was born. WISA is currently a small international group of women (UK, USA, Ireland and Australia) working in traditional stone trades, keen to connect with and support other women involved, and those keen to give a try. 

Although numbers are small at the moment; we believe women, and eventually the stone trades as a whole, will benefit from our collective effort. We are keen to provide opportunities, advocacy and promotion to women in this field.  In these early stages of becoming organized WISA are keen to ensure they gather as much input from as many women in the stone trades as possible, so that together we can shape our future. 

Below is a link to a short 3-5-minute survey to gather your thoughts and feedback.

The more input we get, the greater impact we can have for everyone.   

We hope to gather as many responses as we can by the end of the year.  

Thanks for your support and assistance 

Louise Price CoConvenor 

Emma Knowles CoConvenor

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